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Your message will change someone's life.

Have you written a book and it stuck in a word doc.- hidden from the world?

Do you have notebooks filled with your stories, insights and wisdom that pours through you?

This is your book asking you to bring it to the world.


It is time.

Because THIS book will change someone's life.

Right now, there is at least 1 human who is pleading for support and help.

And YOUR book is the key for them.

The way YOU write.

The life YOU have lived.

The message in YOUR soul is the key that will liberate them.

Don't let it sit inside of you any longer.

It is time that you bring this book to the world.

And Freedom House might be the perfect publishing house for you.

Freedom House is dedicated to transforming the world.

Our publishing process, team, and intention is unique. 

We focus on:

  • Only publishing books that will transform humanity.
  • Our Done For Your Publishing System, make publishing EASY!
  • We partner with you and your book to reach more people and make impact!
  • Our team is devoted to supporting your writing and publishing process with love and focus.

At Freedom House... we are changing the publishing industry.

We are breaking all of the rules...

  • You will own ALL the rights to your book when you publish with Freedom House.
  • You will have FULL creative control of your book and marketing material.
  • You will receive 50% of all of your book royalties!
  • We partner with you in the marketing of your book!
  • You will have full access to The 90 Day Sacred Creative Writing Accelerator Course
  • As a FH Author, you will get access to 1 group coaching session a month with our founder, Keira Poulsen to work on any details regarding your book and the book launch.
  • Access to your very own Publishing Specialist
  • Access to our professional editors, formatters, and cover designers!
  • Join the FH family of change-makers and leaders!
  • You will have access to 3 sessions with a FH Personal Channeling Session with a FH Channeling Guide.
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Here's the truth:

Writing and Publishing book doesn't have to be hard. 

When you learn how to "channel write" your book- the words will flow like water. 

When you publish with Freedom House, you will be deeply supported!

We are here to support you in all of the areas that you need!

We have:

  • A digital course to support you in writing your book in 90 days or less.
  • VIP Workshops with, founder- Keira Poulsen to support you in whatever space you are in with your book!
  • Mastermind for authors who are ready to rise as leaders, create success with their messages, and their businesses!
  • Professional Publishing Team to make your book look amazing!

"Keira is more than a writing coach. She’s more than a business coach. She is the type of leader you want to follow because she shows all the way up for herself and does the work, and then shows all the way up for you. I could not have written and published my book without her. I would not be where I am in expanding my business without her.

- Julie Elizabeth

FH Author of "Sacred Sexuality"


The 90 Day Sacred Writing Accelerator 

Proven roadmap

Learn how to channel write your book in 90 days or less!

Weekly Focus Sessions

You will have a focus session weekly to support you in setting aside time to write your book!

Healing Codex

You will receive healing meditations to support you when fear and self-doubt get in your way. 

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Here's what you will get when you join:

Awakening Author's the Mastermind

Everything you need to write + publish your book with massive support. 

Are you ready?

To become a published author in 6 months or less?

Is it time?

Time to Share Your Message + Impact in the World?

Community + Support

Community and Support will bring your book to the world!

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Writing Your Book Will Free You


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"Keira Poulsen's gift is her ability to get people who are facing creative blocks to get unstuck. She helped channel my book and I wrote it in 5 days compared to the one year it took me to write my first book. "

— Evan Carmichael, author of "Momentum"

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Meet Freedom House Founder:

Hi, I'm Keira Poulsen

I'm a mother to 5 kiddos, a book medium, podcast host, 5x author AND a liberator. 


I believe in Freedom. 


I believe that when YOU share the message that is inside of YOU... YOU become FREE.

At Freedom House, we are in the business of liberation.

As you write your book, it will liberate your gifts and wake up momentum in your life. 

But, then it goes forward and FREES your readers. 

Your book is a Free Agent. 

I know that many people think that they can't write a book.

It's too hard.

No one will read it.


Maybe you just don't know how. 

You might believe that you this isn't possible for you.

The truth is...this is totally possible for you.

You can write the book that is in your soul. 

I have everything you need to write and publish your book...with ease. 

This is possible because at FH, we guide you on how to channel your book.

No more figuring it out...

Just crack your heart open and receive it.

Here's how I can support you: 

1. Channel Your Book LIVE with me on Instagram- @keirapoulsen

Just book a spot on the calendar for my Morning Show and let's channel your book LIVE!

( Many people have written their books within days and weeks of our channeling session!)

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2. Join Me in my 90 Day Sacred Writing Accelerator Course

90 Days to learn how to channel and write your book!!

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3. Awakening Authors the Mastermind 

Work with me in an intimate group of authors, weekly for 6 months. Get massive support, channeling AND your book published with FH!

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4. Become a FH Author

Working with our amazing FH team to bring your manuscript to life and into the form of a published book!

It is TIME!

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