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Brave Naked Truth: An Uncovering of Radical Love

Designer: Freedom House Publishing Co.

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Author: Leichty, MD, Trish

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 265

Release Date: 26-06-2021

Details: What if everything you’ve believed was not true? What if you’ve been living from the script of someone else’s life and it has been a story authored in shame and fear? And what if you could tear up that script and reimagine a story that is birthed with brave truth, radical love, and unlimited freedom? Early on Trish was home in nature and science as she explored the muddy banks of the Fox River in Algonquin, Illinois. By the time she started college, she was drawn to studying the human body in her anatomy and physiology courses. But after attending medical school to become a physician, she was detoured on a wild journey of discovering her own human self… in body, mind, and soul.Through years of disappointment, abuse, striving, and chronic illness, she began to ask hard questions of the systems and beliefs that she had about what it means to be a woman and a human. She peels back the layers of stories from history, family, culture, religion, education, and medicine and uncovers devastating truth; everything she’s ever known has been untrue. In the midst of raising four children, she suddenly realizes that these false beliefs and stories have kept her from knowing her deepest truths and living her bravest life. Patriarchy, sexism, racism, religious and social oppression have been woven in the fabric of her life and they all get confronted as she begins to unravel them one by one. In these vulnerable pages, Trish shares how she engaged in a wild dismantling of her life and a subsequent messy rebuilding as she uncovered her truth. After living her life feeling broken, she realizes that she is actually a part of the universal awakening story of all women. Her honest reflections invite us to hunger for more and wonder what would be possible in our lives and the world if we truly believed that.. We hold the power to heal and transform our pain and trauma. We can reimagine and create a new story birthed in divine truth, compassion, and love. We are all created for radical love and freedom in our bodies, minds, souls, and lives. Trish reminds us that we too are created to live and enjoy our Brave Naked Truth.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.2 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English