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The Hidden Gifts within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse

Designer: Freedom House Publishing Co.

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Author: Poulsen, Keira

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 200

Release Date: 01-08-2018

Details: Product Description The Hidden Gifts Within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse was written specifically for survivors of sexual abuse. There are a few intentions and purposes for this book. The main intention is to help survivors know that they are not alone in the effects they experience due to sexual abuse. Another intention is to teach the principles of hope and healing. When these principles are learned and applied, they can bring peace and transformation into the reader’s life. Some of the most powerful aspects of this book are the journal prompts that are written after each chapter. These journal prompts help the reader process the principles being taught and the understanding of how they apply in their life. Not only does this book bring clarity to a subject that has been ignored and hidden, but it is also a workbook for healing. There is power in bringing this topic into the light. There are gifts that are hidden inside each one of us who have endured this type of trauma. The purpose of this book is to help each individual who reads it to walk on their own healing path, and by doing so, uncovering the hidden gifts for themselves. About the Author Keira Poulsen is a life coach for women. Keira practices the emotional healing work of Muscle Testing and Energy Mastery. She enjoys public speaking and helping other women find their voices. Keira runs a publishing company that is dedicated to helping women write their stories and bring them into the world. She enjoys spending time with her husband Dan and their five children. They enjoy adventures and nature. She loves to try new things and creating new content that helps other people find more joy and love in their life.

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Languages: English