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Healing Through Addiction

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A message from Nicole McBeth:


I consider myself to be a work in progress. Sometimes this “progress” stretches me beyond my limits, or at least what I thought my limits to be. Quite often the experiences I have gone through have pushed me to my knees, searching for answers, looking for solutions. My fifty-four years on this earth have shown me that in the school of life, the curriculum is individual. My lessons were designed for me. Nevertheless, my experiences and the lessons I learn from them do not exist in a vacuum. In other words, I have learned much from what others have gone through; I have learned because of what others have gone through. I’ve learned that children who were raised in the same home will have completely different memories of their childhood. I’ve learned that life can be joyful, even amidst the challenges we face. I’ve learned that our existence on this earth is an amalgamation and accumulation of the choices we make on a daily basis. Some choices may be careful and intentional, some incidental. I believe it is a beautiful and precious gift from God, the agency to determine for ourselves how we will live each day. Even so, all choices have consequences, some positive, some negative, some that come right away, and some that we don’t see for years. It’s strange to think that from a beautiful gift can come a burden. It’s even stranger to consider what lessons someone else may have to learn because of the choices we make. 


I’m not sure anyone ever chooses to become an addict, at least I know my brother didn’t. Just as I know he would never choose to cause me or his family pain. But addiction is no respecter of persons. It has many faces, comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, with many reasons behind the need to use, and always with unexpected casualties. Recent experience and years of lessons learned have made me very aware of that ripple effect. The reverberations of one choice can have a lasting impact, whether resulting from deliberate decision-making or thoughtless whim. For this book, my project was not to examine the freedom of choice or the power of consequence, but to honor the inadvertent; the pain that was felt, the scars that were made, the lessons that were learned, the grace that was shown, and the growth that was achieved by people who have seen addiction up close. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I also seek to expand the conversation around addiction in the Church. Because addiction, for both the addict and their loved ones, is not a linear battle and recovery rarely fits into twelve steps. 


I have become familiar with the consequences of addiction. Alcoholism runs on both sides of my family, and my husband’s family has known addiction as well. I remember the hushed conversations my grandmother would have with certain family members about how sad she was that her brothers weren’t invited to dinners because they couldn’t hold their liquor. Those memories have stayed in my mind and my body since I was a young girl. I also remember the tears my Granna would cry as she would hug her brother and tell him she loved him. Those moments are hard to forget. The love my Granna had for her brothers resonated deeply with me at the time, and still does. They had their reasons for turning to alcohol--they needed numbing. Did these reasons justify the addiction? Make it “right” or bearable? No. But it did make me wonder how the problem of addiction could ever be “solved.” How could we ever make sense of something so messy? Looking back now, it was vital for me to watch and learn from my Granna, because her example would serve me later on in my own life. I would need to learn how to understand, love, and support, while still setting and maintaining my own boundaries. In many ways, her example drove me to work on this book. Now that I am, I’m just grateful for the image of her embrace.


So, why this book? In a way, it feels like life is authoring this book. The idea came to me after years of praying to know how to help my brother. It came quietly to my heart, as most answers to my prayers do, but audibly enough for me to know: I was being asked to write on the heartbreaking, stressful, awful, complicated, muddy, often misunderstood topic of addiction. At first, I questioned whether or not I should. I am no expert on addiction. I am no psychiatrist, doctor, therapist, or scientist, but I am the sister of an addict. All I have is my own story. And as I sat with the idea of this book for quite some time, another impression came to me with just as much clarity--“there is healing in His wings.” So, my story has become many as I have collaborated to create this book. Its content is sacred, because those who have decided to share their stories do so with great courage and hope. I share in the hope that healing will come. My prayer is that all who choose to pick up this book will consider how it might change one life. If it’s your life, we pray for you. If it’s someone you know, we honor you. If you, like me, have been pushed to your knees searching, pleading for answers, I ask that you stay and pray for one more day. We pen these stories for you. 

Deep Love,

Nicole McBeth