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Healing Broken Relationships the Collaboration Book.


Relationships are everything. 

 It is vital to have healed, functioning, loving relationships.

Not only in your romantic relationships and marriages, but also the relationships with your body, God, business, money, parents, children, and siblings.

Relationships are the basis of our lives. 

But, that's not the narrative the world believes.


Have you read the step- by-step books to heal all the relationships in your life?

And while these books are deeply needed and have served you in your life...
Can you feel that the world needs something different?

How would you like to be a part of that something different?

Imagine reading a new type of book.

One with real stories of brokenness, healing, courage, and stepping into the unknown...becoming a transformed being in spite of the brokenness.


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Stories like: 

  • How far into the bottom of the barrel did you get?
  • How did you climb back out?
  • Did you wake up and have an epiphany, did a miracle occur, did someone else assist in your healing process??
  • What made you NOT give up on yourself?
Would you go through the hell again because of WHO you NOW are?

These are the stories the world needs to hear.


Stories that bring hope to readers.

Hope that comes from knowing that everyday people, with regular lives, jobs and families have gone through broken relationships and not only survived but thrived because of what they went through. 
Is this your story?

Is this your experience?

Does this prick your heart and pull you to say yes to being in this book?

I invite you to join me and sharing our stories with the world. 

To bring HOPE and HEALING to relationships.
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Join Randa Stratton- Dutcher as she teams up with Keira Poulsen from Freedom House Publishing Co, to create this NEW type of book, with YOU!


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Meet your support team:

Randa Dutcher-Stratton


Randa is a healer, intuitive coach, author and mother to 4 beautiful children.

Randa supports women in awakening their gifts and invites them to shine their light as bright as possible. 

She is an advocate for healing relationships and letting people know the hope that is available through healing. 

Keira Poulsen
Keira Poulsen is a mother to 5, a sacred writing author coach, CEO of Freedom House Publishing Co, and the creator of the Awakening Authors the Mastermind.
Keira supports authors in learning the art of Sacred Writing and bringing powerful messages to the world!
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Relationships are everything. 

They are what we take with us.

It is vital to have healed, functioning, loving relationships.

 Randa Dutcher- Stratton


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